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Dear Ted:
I just saw pics of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz on the set of their new movie. I would love to see those two back together. I know he's w/ Jessica but it seems like Cameron can get a smile out of him more then Jessica ever could. Have you heard of any on set hook ups or flirtation between those two?
—Down low

Dear Reunion:
Doubt that J.Biel would let her honey do the movie if she thought there was ANY potential that her BF would hook up with Cam.

Dear Ted:
I am a mixed-breed rescue dog who's hopelessly loved and spoiled by my owner. My owner says I'm the best dog ever. I know I'm reward enough, but can you throw my owner a bone (get it?) about one of your Blind Vices? My owner's a bit addicted to Blind Vices. Take your pick. All my owner asks is that it be about one of the 30 and up crowd, because she's not as familiar with the young cool stars as she used to be. Gotta go pester the (rescue) cat now.

Dear Barkin' for some Gossip:
Crotch Uh-Lastic
will so beat Toothy Tile in the coming-out battle—in fact, Crotch has been been pretty much saying it in the press, if you read between the lines. Now, go give your owner a nice big poop, everyone will feel better, promise!

Dear Ted:
I went to see Remember Me this weekend and the theater was almost empty. I was very surprised and wondered if you thought it was because if the subject matter and the overall depressing tone or the chemistry between Rob and Emilie or both?

Dear Nothing to Remember:
There was definitely more than one reason that the movie was the way it was, and frankly, none of it was good.

Dear Ted:
What is your scoop on the film, Love And Other Drugs (November 2010) starring Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal? After seeing the rough cut of this film, industry insiders on some of the movie blogs are already predicting another Oscar nomination for Ms. Hathaway. The reports say it is unbelievably sexy (much nudity between Jake & Anne), very romantic, extremely funny and little bit of a tear-jerker. They say the chemistry between this duo is incredibly hot. Please, give me some info!

Dear Movie Buff:
Wow, you must be quite the film aficionado, darling! You're right, the movie has been building a lot of buzz for both Jake and Anne, who are apparently amazing according to those who have pre-screened the movie. We love Anne and can't wait to see the movie either!

Dear Ted:
Ted, why so quiet on the Jackles front? No news to report? I heard grumblings of Jared being in trouble on set for being late but I didn't hear boo from you on it. What gives? Those hotties have got to be up to something! Us fans need some news. Stop leaving us hanging for so long.

Dear Superfan:
Jared deserves a honeymoon—he should be allowed to be late one day! Jeez.

Dear Ted:
Ted, Ignore the haters! 1) I think you're spot on with your review of Remember Me. The movie had potential but had too many plots...but Robert Pattinson was good, surprisingly good! 2) Oh John Mayerbecoming this generation's Sting is nothing to strive for. He needs to concentrate more on his music & maybe the residual d-bag will go away. Well, here's hoping anyway!

Dear Hope:
You can hope all you want, but JM just keeps on opening his mouth and alienating more fans.

Dear Ted:
I was just reading how Reese Witherspoon has a new boyfriend already. Gee, it didn't take her long to get over Jake, now did it? I guess it wasn't such a bad breakup after all.

Dear Wrong:
No darling. Trust me. It was.

Dear Ted:
Unlike Rob fans I agree with you that Rob's movie bombed. But I guess the truth hurts. I saw Remember Me and found it depressing and boring. The ending was unnecessary and uncalled for. I only imagine now that this must be a very embarrassing and depressing time for Rob as his girlfriend is getting nothing but rave reviews while his performance is being slammed by critics. I think this proves that he is not the great actor that he thinks he is. His downfall was clearly choosing such a bad script and overacting in his scenes. Can't see this guy lasting much longer in the acting industry.

Dear Truth:
Maybe you should get R.Patz a new agent? And then go wash your mouth out.

Dear Ted:
I just watched an interview with Nikki Reed at the New Moon DVD release party in LA. As usual, she is full of praise for Taylor Lautner. I'm guessing then she's still Team Jacob and hates Rob's guts. I know you like Nikki Reed, Ted, but I think it's obvious that there's some bad blood between her and Rob. Are her and Kristen still BFFs? Cause they both seem to love praising Taylor and leaving Rob out of the picture.

Dear Complex Cast:
I'm staying out of this one—for a change.

Dear Ted:
People keep saying "what was Sandra Bullock thinking" but the real question is, "what was Jesse James thinking"? Men don't go from the type of gal he generally likes to the girl-next-door successfully. I wonder: Except that Sandra's a hugely famous actress, what are the chances he wanted to marry and have a stable environment so he could get custody of his youngest daughter?

Dear Agreed:
You, my friend, are a good thinker.

Dear Ted:
Your columns are like heroin. I swear I try to stop reading at work or when I should be sleeping but just can't. I was wondering if you could confirm or deny if Kristen Stewart has been a Blind Vice yet? I think K.Stew is awesome, but I don't know how to read her half the time. Thanks.

Dear Drug:
Uh, haven't you heard the new rule? You have to adopt a rescue pet to get Blind Vice clues! (And then really take care of the pet, mind you.)

Dear Ted:
I just don't get all the talk about not being able to accept a gay actor in a straight role, do these people think Matt Damon is really a super secret government agent when they see him in the Bourne movies or Robert Pattinson is really a vampire? That's why it's called acting, not reality TV.

Dear Idealist:
Darling, you make far too much sense to be reading this blolumn.

Dear Ted:
What is happening with Paula Abdul nowadays? First she is no longer part of American Idol because they were not able to come to the same terms and now she is not going to be on Star Search because they were unable to see eye to eye. Is Paula expecting too much these days? Her career isn't going to stay hot forever and eventually it will fizzle.

Dear Expectations:
Paula knows in her heart that her glory days are over (probably). She just can't admit it. We think she should join forces with another out-there type for some reality TV...or maybe a duet with Kirstie Alley?

Dear Ted:
Re: John Mayer's "new' image. I think he's basically OK, mostly charming and witty...but he also speaks without thinking first (sometimes),and he's enjoying the perks of being a rock-star - I mean, what do we expect?! Anyways...I believe he may being seeing someone new, or perhaps playing with her affections.

Dear Perhaps:
If John is indeed seeing someone new, we have some words for this new lady: RUN!


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