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Why is Peter Facinelli such a crybaby?

"I started venting, and all of a sudden, tears sprung from my eyes and I couldn't stop crying," he admits to us. "Basically, I had a physical meltdown."

Holy shift, indeed. Looks like tonight's season premiere of Showtime's Nurse Jackie will have us reaching for the Kleenex. We just met up with the whole cast and we're hearing of more drama, more comedy and more consequences that come from Jackie's (Edie Falco) double life.

But what brings on Peter's waterworks? Spoiler Alert: It involves that vampire movie...

Peter, who plays Dr. Fitch "Coop" Cooper, is describing a great scene with him and Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) in the first episode of season two, airing tonight. Yep, Coop becomes a blubbering mess. And he wasn't originally supposed to cry in the script!

"I was traveling back and forth from Vancouver to New York, and I was shooting Nurse Jackie and Eclipse at the same time," Peter explains, referencing his role of Dr. Carlisle Cullen in The Twilight Saga. "I think I was emotionally exhausted. The writers loved it! They thought I planned it, and I really didn't. Just know that those are real tears."

We just caught up with the whole cast at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Presents an Evening With Nurse Jackie, and it looks like Jackie's double life won't be so double anymore. In the first season, we watched Jackie have her Vicodin and eat it, too. As season two unfolds, the writers and the cast promise to go deeper into the characters, and it's definitely not rainbows and puppies.

Peter Facinelli, Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie

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"Things become more complicated. It's harder to keep secrets the longer you're in an addiction situation," says the amazing Edie Falco. "Jackie gets a little more threadbare. In a sense, it's more of the same. She's not fixed yet."

As for Jackie's two men, Kevin and Eddie, they aren't just going to be crossing paths. They'll practically be strolling hand in hand down the same street!

"We'll be spending a lot of time together, getting to know each other," Dominic Fumusa (Kevin) spills. That can't be good. "By the end of season two, you're going to see my character start to change. He'll realize there are some things going down. He's not going to be Mr. Nice Guy 100 percent of the time," Dominic promises ominously.

Paul Schulze, who plays Eddie, the pharmacist Jackie dissed and dismissed at the end of season one, is a more direct about his character's journey. "Eddie is a little pissed," he says simply. "That's how it starts. He loves him some Jackie, and he wants some more."

Merritt Wever also gets an exciting development for her once-timid Zoey. "She tries to go stealth and do some covert operations. Be a bit of a badass," she teases. So, she gets to ninja roll around the hospital? Not so much. "I don't wanna say whether she succeeds or not," laughs Merrit.

Though there are only twelve episodes (sad face), the writers successfully pack an equal amount of high intensity storylines and tension breaking comedy without viewers feeling overwhelmed.

And the best news yet: Coop gets a Twitter. Seriously, you can follow him here.

Is it wrong to make a lame addiction joke right here? Because we are already having Nurse Jackie withdrawals, and its return tonight on Showtime is just the fix we need. Told you. Lame. Will you indulge in the new season?


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