Nadya Suleman Estate, Nadya Suleman

Jason Mitchell/BuzzFoto/Getty Images; NBC Photo/Paul Drinkwater

If at first you don't succeed, shamelessly try, try again to help a family garner more free publicity.

Porn powerhouse Vivid Entertainment has extended yet another offer to Octomom Nadya Suleman, this time around promising to save her California home from foreclosure if she signs a movie contract pledging to put her babymaker to more use.

Last year, the company made no less than two similar offers, though the mother of 14 didn't take the bait. But apparently Vivid thinks Suleman, who has missed several mortgage payments on her home, is just desperate enough this time to consider its X-rated deal.

"We remain interested in working with Nadya and we're prepared to make a new offer that would secure her living arrangements by having her home fully paid for," says Vivid founder and cochair Steven Hirsch. "We have sent Nadya a letter offering to sit down and work out details that would be most comfortable for her.

"We understand that time is of the essence because, according to reports, she has until Tuesday to meet her mortgage obligations to the former owner of the house. We can act quickly to meet with her and her representatives to secure her home and to work with her on a movie that she can be proud of."

Hirsch further promised that they could accommodate her schedule by filming the movie in less than a week and allowing her to return each night to her kids.

Well, as long as they're keeping her best interests at heart.


Reading about Octomom puts babies on the brain. What better time than now to check out Fashion Police Jr.!

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