Sandra Bullock, Jesse James

Michael Carrillo; Boris Issaei/

Sandra Bullock is still M.I.A. but that doesn't mean the drama at her home with Jesse James has slowed a bit.

Cops were called to their block with reports of "someone yelling in a vehicle," the Orange County sheriff's office tells E! News.

Alas, the chaos wasn't caused by James or his tattoo-covered supposed mistress, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Authorities on the scene claim they "discovered members of the media" as the source of the trouble, but "cleared the area" with no arrests.

Some reports claim James' oldest daughter Chandler called the cops herself.

But that wasn't the only action in Jesse's life today...

The Monster Garage star was seen driving his black pickup truck more than 90 mph down the Pacific Coast Highway earlier today in an attempt to lose the paparazzi following closely behind him. He was so detemined, he even gave up on pavement!

"At one point, he went off road into the dirt and made this huge dust bowl," an eyewitness tells E! News. "It was crazy."

Life isn't any smoother at James' workplace. West Coast Choppers' headquarters are swarming with paps, fans and haters alike all trying to get a piece of the guy tarnishing Oscar's glow.

"They're camping outside the gate trying to look in and see him," the witness says.

At least, wherever Sandy is, her surroundings are a bit less dramatic.

—Reporting by Megan Masters and Marcus Mulick


Where was Cinnabun through all this? Let's hope she's still safely at home this time!

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