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Dear Ted:
Regarding the reader's comment about knowing someone is gay making them less believable in hetero roles, I get it—and I don't. I have no problem believing Neil Patrick Harris as Barney on HIMYM. Most actors who are gay, I could care less, and it doesn't affect my ability to "buy in" to their various character portrayals. However, too much off-screen drama can distract from what actors do on-screen. I can no longer buy them as any character, because I can't stop thinking of them in terms of the gossip about them. Any big, non-stop story about someone's personal life (Tom Cruise, Bennifer 1.0, Mel Gibson) can take me out of a performance, and that is not limited to stories of someone's sexual identity. Someone's sexuality should be a non-story.

Dear Exactly:
I agree—and I don't. Sometimes I totally enjoy watching how somebody's acting through their tabloid predicaments—hell, half of Jennifer Aniston's movies are 10 times better because of it! And I totally don't even think of stars like Neil or Jane Lynch's sexuality when they're on screen.

Dear Ted:
I read you everyday and I love that you support so many shelters! I got my dog at the humane society, they really are the best dogs! Anyway my question: is Nevis Charlie Sheen? Your last post about him said something about "rehab" and then you said he was on TV a lot.

Dear Boozy Babe:
Nevis is a far friendlier drunk than Charlie Sheen. Plus, when N.D. hits the bottle, he's still fairly attractive—albeit a bit sloppy.

Dear Ted:
Totally disappointed, Ted. Seriously, am I going to have to abdicate to Gawker? Ms. Bullock is an actress, and the whole drooling over Ryan Reynolds scenario you painted is, frankly, totally lame. It sounds like Jesse James may be a dawg, yet you focus on some B.S. red carpet appearance that comes across as totally fake? Come on. As a novice who reads your gossip column, it would seem prudent to conclude that anyone who cancels an appearance for their movie premiere is suffering like me or my cronies would. My best wishes, Ms. Bullock. Your movies are kind of lame, but I heart you for putting stepmoms on the radar.

Dear Love Gawker, Too!:
Definitely wasn't trying to put the blame on Sandy—J.J. is the loser in this story. I was just pointing out that it's a bit odd to see an actress gush so openly about a hottie costar—to the point of it being awkward for her hubby. Kind of makes one wonder if something's up. And, obviously, it was.

Dear Ted:
Sorry to send your comment section crazy but I must: Although I am not a fan, I must agree that Kristen Stewart looked her best at the NYC premiere of The Runaways, however doesn't this look remind you of another actress (a better, more beautiful actress in my opinion) who is currently filming with Pattinson? Do you think "your girl" is starting to feel the pressure knowing her guy is banging Christina Ricci in Bel Ami? I know I'm the devil but this is what makes the gossip world go round. Love your sassy ass.

Dear Delusional Devil:
K.Stew has a sense of style all her own—whether she's rocking the uber glam look or her usual dressed down dreads—and if you see her strut her stuff you'll know she's confident enough that she doesn't have to try to emulate someone else.

Dear Ted:
Help! Just when I have decided to go for the "rough, tattooed type"—ya know, big, quiet man's-man à la Sandra Bullock—this cheating scandal happened! Bummed me out to say the least! Isn't there anyone happy in Hollywood? And, just what type should I now set my sights on? I don't want to be a beard à la Toothy, no more Jesse James type, what is a single gal to do?

Dear Dating Disaster:
Honey, if you want a drama free relationship, date outside of H'wood and its types.

Dear Ted:
I am so tired of reading about the Twi-hard pissyfits regarding the adaptation of the books. Adaptations do not have to replicate the book; instead, the spirit of the book should be evoked in the film. On another bitchy note, I cannot believe Summit thinks they can get a big name director. Don't they know directors like to be auteurs and not puppets? Love you mucho!

Dear Rant and Rave:
Maybe—possibly—Summit will finally let go of the reigns a little and allow directors to create something good with the Twi-material? Well, it's a nice thought to have no matter how unlikely it is.

Dear Ted:
You rarely talk about the Kardashian sisters. Is it that you don't find them interesting enough, or do you not talk about your E! family? I just wanted your input on the sisters. Several magazines came out saying that the sisters have been left by their men and they immediately came out and said that the rumors weren't true! To be honest, Khloé's relationship seems to be the only one that's near perfect. Kourtney and Scott look good together but aren't couple material. And Reggie looks like he doesn't know what's going on when he's around Kim! It could be that only bad photos get published of the couple, but when Khloe and Lamar are interviewed or photographed they genuinely look happy.

Dear Sister Sister:
R u nuts? Khloé guest-blogged for us last summer and I did my holiday Truth, Lies & Ted with the babes! And Khloé and Lamar are as sickly in love with each other as they seem and Kourt and her d-bag baby daddy are obviously having relaysh (and family) problems. But don't count Kim and Reggie out. We're totally rooting for the bodacious babe to finally land that engagement ring.

Dear Ted:
Do you now hate Robert Pattinson? What has this guy done? He seems smart, genuine, and talented. I see him trying to do good movies, unlike Shia Labeaouf who only does big mainstream films. Instead, Rob is determined to make meaningful films. I wouldn't compare him to Kristen, who has been acting since she was 9 and finally got noticed because of Twilight. Even Lainey is supporting him now and that's putting you down in my eyes.

Dear Overprotective:
Excuse me, but I've been supporting R.Pattz since long before Lainey (whom I admire, by the way). All I said was Remember Me bombed—which is did—and all of a sudden I'm Rob's number-one enemy? I gave the dude his acting props. If The Runaways flopped I'd do the same, and you sure know I don't hate K.Stew.

Dear Ted:
I'm disappointed you didn't report on Rob's biggest Remember Me premeire. The British media couldn't stop gushing about him and the film. He really has The Beatles following.

Dear Blasphemy:
Just get out the whip everybody and bloody my back all at once, OK?

Dear Ted:
I saw John Mayer in concert a few nights ago. I know he's a jerk, but that man is sexy! It's his voice and the way he plays guitar, whew! My questions are this: is he really that big of a douche or is it for publicity? And who's the bigger jerk—him or Scott Disick? Or are the both jerks for attention?

Dear Beware:
The voice and guitar are how he gets you caught in his trap and the next thing you know he's blabbing about your sex drive to a magazine. You've been warned.


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