Bounty Hunter, Alice in Wonderland, Repo Man, The Runaways

Columbia Pictures, Disney Enterprises, Kerry Hayes/Universal Studios, Runaway Productions

Tons of buzzworthy films out there this weekend, eager to steal your dollar.

The two lovebirds friends, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, are releasing their adventurous comedy The Bounty Hunter, Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are hoping to clean up shop in Repo Men, and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are ready to rock out with They're gonna smash the big screen with their flick The Runaways.

Oh, and some Johnny Depp movie called Alice in Wonderland is still out. And apparently doing wonderously well in its third week.

So whatcha gonna see?

Movie Poll! March 19, 2010
What are you dying to see?


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