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We're about to see just how much legal counsel that reported $30,000 can buy.

While Michelle "Bombshell" McGee clearly had no problem cashing in on her alleged affair with Sandra Bullock's hubby, Jesse James, it seems she may not have fully thought through the repercussions of pimping out such personal information.

McGee's ex-husband, emboldened by her made-for-the-tabloids story, turned up in San Diego court this morning, to file an emergency motion seeking full-time custody of Avery.

For those keeping track at home, Avery would be the former couple's 5-year-old son, not McGee's stripper alter ego.

"I've known about all this, everything. I think it's a horrible thing for a person to do," Ronald Shane Modica exclusively tells E! News. "She told me she's made the money and she's planning on taking off so I'm like, 'What do I do?' "

"We're still going through a custody thing," he says, adding that he also helps care for McGee's 12-year-old son from a previous relationship. "It's touchy. There's stuff we have to work out. We share custody, but they're mostly with me. I take care of the kids. I do all the school stuff."

And now with his emergency motion, he's trying to do a whole lot more, telling E! News that he would be more than happy to take over full custody of the boy, should McGee agree to surrender custody.

"I'm stoked if she does because that's the way I want things. It works out for me. I own a business and I'm a full time dad so that's what I like to do. If that's how it works out, then I'm happy and the kids are better off.

"I talk to her like 10 times a day," he continues. "When it comes down to it, I have kids with her. We're best friends, but we're enemies, too."

Particularly after this morning.

Modica asked for temporary sole legal and physical custody of the boy through their next custody hearing on May 12. He said that while he wanted to keep Avery away from the media storm (and thus, his mother), while McGee—who Modica says is hiding out in an undisclosed location—was adamant that visitation should continue as usual.

(While McGee has suddenly come down with a case of the camera-shys, she had no problem recently boasting to Tattoo Revue magazine that she was "going to be hot real soon." Guess she didn't realize those close to her might also get burned.)

Modica says that he has been harassed by paparazzi and reporters and worries that their behavior is frightening to his child and will only worsen should they trail him on his visits with his mother.

It was a good attempt, but no sale. The judge denied the motion.


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