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Correct us if we're wrong (we aren't), but this is the sort of behavior that got her into trouble in the first place.

Regardless, we've heard from Sandra Bullock's hubby, Jesse "I'm Sorry but Won't Tell You for What" James. We've heard from the Other Woman's best friend. Now it's time to hear from Michelle "Bombshell" McGee herself.

After roughly a month away, McGee fired back up her Twitter account yesterday (timing is everything) and, as you would expect, made addressing her critics in a measured, meticulously crafted way her first order of business.

"Suck it!!" she wrote. With that taken care of, she moved on to other pressing matters.

Like posting links to videos of her "nude in black satin sheets" and "striping [sic] for Jesse James." Guess pocketing a reported $30,000 for her tell-all wasn't the extent of her desire to milk the morally challenged situation.

Still, she also took time out to praise whatever scant few pals remained in her corner.

"Thanks for all the support," she tweeted. "I really want some Ben and jerrys half baked ice cream.. Yummy!!"

A non sequitur to be sure, but McGee doesn't exactly seem to be overly concerned with how she comes across to the American public.

This morning, an ill-conceived photoshoot of McGee posing in Nazi costume made its way online. According to TMZ, the spread was shot nearly a year ago, and while the Arian-loving concept was not Michelle's idea, she was apparently "very enthusiastic" about the layout.

It's not the first time such allegations have been made against McGee.

In court documents from her divorce and custody battle, obtained by RadarOnline, her ex-husband Ronald Shane Modica claims that the "W" and "P" letter tattoos on the back of her legs stand for "white power," and that she frequently makes the Nazi salute.

Oh heil no.


Oh, snap! McGee's BFF spilled even more salacious details of the so-called Bombshell's affair with Jesse. Check out our exclusive video now!

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