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Who's sari now?

Partly response to her little white lie about being a savior to 40 kids, the Indian government is considering imposing a ban that would keep Lindsay Lohan from visiting the country again anytime soon.

The actress spent some time there in December to shoot a BBC documentary about child labor and human trafficking. During her trip, she tweeted, "Over 40 children saved so far ... Within one day's work ... This is what life is about ... Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!"

According to the London Telegraph, Lohan didn't arrive in India until the raids which saved a number of underage workers had been carried out.

And while she ticked off the activists who did save the kids, she didn't curry any favor with the government, either.

The BBC later said that Lohan's statements had been misconstrued, but that may actually be the least of her concerns.

After her life-affirming tweets caught the government's attention, officials learned that Lohan had entered India on a tourist visa and was therefore not properly credentialed to work on Lindsay Lohan in India while she was there.

Lohan did in fact tour the area and meet with victims of human-rights violations, but officials remain none too pleased that she crowed about it via Twitter.


Lindsay's humanitarian efforts still qualify her for the Do-Gooder Gallery, don't they?

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