Desperate Housewives, Kathryn Joosten

ABC/Ron Tom; ABC/Danny Feld

Antonio Villaraigosa, the actual mayor of the desperate city of Los Angeles, is taking a break from his government and dating duties to visit Wisteria Lane on Monday! No, he's not going to stir up drama amongst the power divas that romp the picturesque suburban block. He's stopping by to visit a very special lady.

Not only will this chica be honored by LA's head honcho for her work fighting lung cancer, but she just found out she's been upped to series regular. Which harried housewife is having all this luck?

Kathryn Joosten, who plays sassy Karen McCluskey on ABC's hit series. The super bitchy babe, best known for being BFF to Nicollette Sheridan's ill-fated Edie Britt, will stick around the series on a more regular basis to poke and pester the desperate dames.

With the über-mysterious Soprano's drop in Drea de Matteo skipping town at the end of the season, the show has an open space for a new diva to make her mark on the town and, from what we've already seen, Karen McCluskey will have no problem giving hilarious Gabbie (played to Prima donna perfection by Eva Longoria) a run for her 'tude money.

But here's a thought—Dana Delaney, the street's gone-nutso then gone-gay gal, is also putting her prime real estate up for grabs when this season wraps. So who's going to take her spot as the town's luscious lesbian?

Sure, Karen's current dude is fine and all, but when has this over-the-top series ever settled for fine when it could have fabulous? While we're messing with TV shows—and come to think of it, we may need to ditch this goss job and work in casting instead—may we suggest letting old Karen learn to love a lady—maybe another funny fox like Betty White?

We can just imagine the two broads walking down the street in track suits, commenting on how the Fairview clinic must have a constant sale on Botox procedures.

This simply must happen. And, hey, congrats, Kathy, you fabulous old bitch!


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