Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

We're all aware that Miley Cyrus is dating Liam Hemsworth, her hot, tall Australian Last Song costar and that they’re all official, but just how serious is it? Well, she's already met his parents...

"Yeah, they loved her," Liam tells Michael Yo on tonight's Daily 10. Mom and pop Hemsworth were introduced to their son's GF on a recent trip to his hometown in Australia.

"It was really cool to show Miley where I'm from and how I grew up, and it's a completely different world to where she's from," Liam went on. "We don't have shopping centers or traffic lights or anything like that, where I live at least."

And Miley says she loved it Down Under, too—mostly because the paparazzi there are way cooler than the ones here...

"It was awesome, I really like Australia," Miley tells M.Yo. "You know what? The media's really cool there, too. Even though there's paparazzi, they kind of stay their distance; it was kind of like Nashville by the sea actually, the town he's from."

Guess we'll just have to add American paparazzi and media to the growing list of things Miley hates, right under Twitter and Facebook.

Get the rest of the Last Song stars' interviews on tonight's Daily 10 @ 7:30.


While Miley & Liam are all in love, things aren't working out too well right now for Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Get the timeline of their meltdown right here.

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