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No matter what Jane Lynch says or does playing Sue Sylvester on Glee, she delivers everything brilliantly.

And that includes an upcoming jaw-dropping storyline involving Sue and Principal Figgins.

Spoiler Alert! Do not read any further if you want to wait until the series returns next month to see what we're talkin' about...

We won't give you all the specifics, but let's just say Sue and Figgins end up in a very compromising position.

Iqbal Theba, who plays Figgins, tells us he was shocked when he read the script.

"I knew my character was going to be embarrassed in some manner but I didn't know how," Theba exclusively told us at this week's CAA cocktail reception for the upcoming GLAAD Media Awards.

"Anytime I get a new [Glee] script, it's like a mystery," he continued. "I always sit down, make myself a cup of tea and then read it. When I do other shows, I just look for my character's lines first. But for Glee, I read the whole thing. So when I read this one, I was like, 'Oh, sh-t! This is funny!'"

When they shot the scene, Theba worried he wouldn't be able to get through it. "I could not hold my laughter," he said.

Even his wife was shocked: "She read the script and was like, '!'"

Meanwhile, Theba also told us he'd like to sing on the show. "I'm singing all the time on the set," he said, laughing. "I could sing anything. I could do Otis Redding, the Bee Gees, anything!"

Should Principal Figgins get a chance to show off his vocal chops? Leave your comments below.


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