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Before Remember MeRob Pattinson's most high-profile venture outside the Twi­light franchise—the buzz surrounding the actor was focused on whether the brooding babe could, you know, actually act.

Clearly the Twilight films won't be nabbing awards for the young cast's unenthusiastic performances, but stars like Anna Kendrick and Kristen Stewart have proven that they have some serious acting chops when they ditch their vamp fangs.

So now that R.P. is playing someone other than Edward Cullen, what do you say?

Speechless, we're sure—because no one saw the movie.

Personally, we were only so-so on the film.

'Tho we thought Rob gave a respectable performance (and can finally lay to rest the talk that he's skating by on his sometimes delicious/sometimes dirty looks), we thought the acting on the whole was only decent. Add that to a ho-hum script that relies far too much on a shocking twist ending and we wouldn't be surprised if word of mouth caused the film to putter out quickly.

But R.M. failed long before that: The film pulled in just over $8 million opening weekend, which, by box office standards, makes it a huge dud. Even Dear John, another melodramatic story of tortured young lovers starring the dubiously talented Channing Tatum, earned almost four times as much as R.P.'s film.

So why did Remember Me bomb so badly?

We can just see the comment section now: The world is out to get poor R.Pattz! The fans abandoned him because he's cheating on Bella! His managers keep giving him terrible scripts! The critics hate him because he's beautiful!

Maybe none of these reasons and you just thought the movie looked like it totally sucked. Or possibly you ditched the less-buzzed-about film and went for screening number six of Avatar?

It's odd that a film starring one of H'wood's hottest rising stars (alongside Emilie De Ravin, who a dedicated fan base thanks to Lost) would bomb this badly on a weekend where the competition was, to be kind, less than stellar.

So why didn't you see Remember Me? (And with as little as the movie earned, we know you didn't!)


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