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What could be better than an excuse to put Ryan Kwanten shirtless on top of this blog?

How about the news that HBO has finally given True Blood a premiere date for season three!

Here's the scoop on the exact day you must mark on your calendar, plus the girl who has to be Michael Scott's (Steve Carell) new love interest on The Office or I might die a slow emotional death...

True Blood: Comes back to HBO on June 13, 2010!

Rumor has it that at least one character we love will die, which makes me a little concerned for what Michael Emerson's real-life Missus, Carrie Preston, told me recently (with an ultra-ominous tone): Something shocking happens to Arlene. D'oh!

We caught up with Ryan Kwanten at yesterday's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (his mother is a cancer survivor), and he said they're already halfway through shooting the upcoming season of True Blood, plus some other stuff our intern can't remember because she was lost in his dreamland.

The Office: NBC confirms that Amy Pietz will be coming on board for multiple episodes, starting in April. This is awesome because (A) she was the best thing going on the entire CW network when Aliens in America was on the air (yes, I said it!); and (B) We know they've been looking for a new love interest for Michael Scott, and if anyone can give Holly (Amy Ryan) a run for her Yoda-lovin' money, it's this girl!

Decision time: Which is more exciting, True Blood coming back or Michael Scott possibly gettin' some with someone we love? A serious debate, obviously, and you can hash it out in the comments.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins

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