Sam Worthington

True confessions, it took us a while to figure out who exactly this dude was, even though the paparazzi were so eagerly snapping shots.

So before we reveal this actor's true daytime identity, we wanna know if you figured it out right away.

Yes? No?

It's only the yummy star of the most successful movie ever.

Sam Worthington touched down in Sydney after a couple Oscar filled months here in LA. Unfortunately for us, his girlfriend Natalie Mark (not pictured) was some extra baggage that made the plane—lucky girl!

Sam, who has big blockbuster credits like Avatar, Terminator Salvation, and the upcoming Clash of the Titans under his belt, looks totally like a normal guy here in his very casual hoodie and Blundstone boots ensemble.

We admit it, if he passed us on the street not sure if wed even recognize this dude, looking rather ordinary instead of sweaty and heroic.

Hey, that's not a bad thing though! The sexiest of studs are the ones who fly under the radar dontchya think?

Months back at the Avatar premiere Sam admitted to reading us here at E! Online some.

Youre usually nice about me, the charmer fessed accent and all.

So, you hasty ATers in the comment boards dont crush Worthingtons hopes now.

Youd still do him looking boy next-door, right?


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