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Multihyphenate Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx might have a whopping seven films in the works, but might he consider adding full-time American Idol judge to his repertoire?

It's time to face the facts, folks—after this season, Simon Cowell is out on A.I. and will need a replacement. And who better to suggest potential seat fillers than the latest Idol contestants?

"You can't replace Simon Cowell, [but] Jamie Foxx was on last year and had a lot of good things to say. If he wanted to step in, that'd be pretty cool to see," too-cute finalist Tim Urban mused at the American Idol Top 12 party Thursday night.

And if Jamie isn't available, fan fave Michael Lynche, aka Big Mike, is more than willing to fill Simon's shoes...

"It should be me!" Mike teased. "They don't even have to redo the contract. I'll take the same money, no paperwork needs to be done." Mike actually had a pretty great idea for the next coming of Simon, saying, "A previous Idol contestant would be an amazing judge, [already] knowing the process."

Oddly enough, most of the other finalists couldn't come up with a replacement for the judge and, more than anything, are sad to see him go.

"It's sad thinking somebody's going to replace Simon because he's been such a big part of the show," Katie Stevens told us. "I can't even picture [it]." Joked Lee Dewyze, "I might send him flowers or something, a thank-you card for just being him."

"He's pretty irreplaceable," echoed Paige Miles. "I just feel really fortunate I got to be on a season with him there."

As for rumors of shock jock Howard Stern taking a spot at the judges table, Siobhan Magnus is not opposed: "He's just as critical as Simon, so that'd be interesting." And Andrew Garcia has a sillier idea. "Who's that mean chef? Gordon Ramsey—but I don't think he knows music well enough." Agreed.

Last night's performers and former Idol stars Matt Giraud and Scott Macintyre weighed in on the judge swapping, too, with some interesting suggestions of their own.

"I would love to replace Simon, I can rock those V-neck's and do the British accent," joked Scott. "I love Simon," Matt told us. "He's pretty integral. I've talked to kids who want to audition and if it's not Simon and Paula [Abdul], it's not the same."

Now that's an interesting thought: Do you think and an Idol without Simon and Paula will be less appealing to participants, or can Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres hold down the fort on their own? Sound off in the comments.


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