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"I think it's really great. I think everyone's getting along really well and we all have our opinions and they differ and that's what you want. We want different viewpoints. That's what makes it interesting."

Zzzz. Oh, sorry! A riveting response by Kara DioGuardi at Wednesday's Stars and Strikes fundraiser when asked how the American Idol atmosphere is different with Ellen versus Paula Abdul.

During the interview, the über-mellow judge was lounging on a pool table and we were worried she—or, worse, I—was going to fall asleep at any moment.

I think it's safe to say we know the real difference between A.I. now and during Paula's reign...

The current set up is freakin' boring!

Whereas Paula was a hilarious quote waiting to happen (even saying hi to her could get you, well, who knows what), don't expect too many Blab Blab Blabs from the current Idol crop.

The questionably posh KdG loves to chat (and chat and chat), but every time I thought she might dish, she'd instead spout some way generic response or just sidestep the question (à la Idol host Ryan Seacrest).

And with Simon Cowell leaving after this season, we have to wonder: Is Idol totally dunzo?

The show already lost Paula, who brought a fair share of buzz and craziness to the competition, so can it really survive the sharp-tongued Brit's departure too?

"I think American Idol will be around for a long time," Kara explained. "'Cause it's about helping kids realize their dreams."

Making dreams come true is swell and all, but we're bored to tears! If Paula taught us anything, it's that you can critique a bad Whitney Houston cover and be bats--t insane at the same time.

I guess that old saying is true: You really don't know what you have 'til it's gone.


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