Rose McGowan must have been so excited to see the paparazzi waiting for her outside of Dan Tana's after dinner that she got a little confused.

(Though they probably weren't really there for her. Paris Hilton was inside with Doug Reinhardt celebrating her mom's birthday.)

The actress seemed to be in a good mood as she hopped into a car the valet brought around. However, it wasn't until she was all settled in and buckled up that the attendant informed her that it actually wasn't her vehicle. Oops.

But that's not the silliest part...

After the mix-up, Rose proceeded to put her jacket over her head to "hide" from the cameras.

First of all, it's not that big of a deal. Funny, yes, but it's nothing compared to when Britney got papped without panties.

Then one of the shutterbugs tried to console her. "It's all right," he yelled. "We forgive you for that whole Marilyn Manson thing!"

Rose got so pissed that her shock rocker ex was brought up, she flipped off photogs before heading inside to wait for her real car to arrive.

Just be happy that we're writing about you today, Rose!


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