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Dear Ted:
Tedtastic, you must really hate my BBs because you never answer. I read your blolum every day. Can't a fan catch a break? If you ever come around, please answer me this: Do you really think Robert Pattinson has any acting skills? From what I've seen, he's not very talented. Sure he's good looking, weird, interesting, whatever. But it seems like being good looking and having "just enough" talent to get by is all it takes to make in Hollywood, and America. When will Hollywood and the U.S start rewarding excellence over great marketability?

Dear Pity Party:
Here's your answer, babe: I think Rob definitely has acting chops, but do I think they've been shown with projects like Twilight? Hardly. Once the delicious dude breaks free of the franchise, I'm sure we'll be much more impressed with what he brings to the table. Speaking of, check out Remember Me, not bad at all.

Dear Ted:
In all honesty, can you see Gabourey Sidibe being offered roles as someone other than the obese friend and the obese girl? I hear casting agents think she needs to loose a lot of weight to advance her career. She is way larger than Queen Latifa and Mo'Nique.

Dear Type Casting:
Maybe, like the previous letter hoped for, H'wood has started rewarding actual talent—you know, the kind that nabbed Gabby an Oscar nom. I don't expect G.S. will be stealing rom-coms from Jessica Alba, but, with Oprah as a mentor, I'm sure we'll see Gabourey in plenty of interesting roles. And open your mind a bit more, Troy, sounds a bit thin at this point.

Dear Ted:
OK. We get it. Kellan Lutz is ripped. Or hot. Or fit. Or whatever. Are there not enough pics of this guy already? Don't get me wrong, I'll take a good Emmett peak just as quick as the next girl, but what I really want is a good shirtless (or pantsless) Ryan Reynolds. C'mon please?

Dear Where Have You Been:
I suggest you Netflix The Proposal. Or Wolverine. Or basically almost any movie R.R. has ever been in. He's definitely not a guy shy about his body. Lucky us!

Dear Ted:
I'm home sick today and just too weak to change channels. The View came on (at which point I would normally pop in a DVD, but as I said I'm weak). On comes Sir Elton John! He said something regarding his coming out in 1973 that should probably be emblazoned on a flag somewhere: "The best thing I ever did was be true to myself". He also said that it hurt his career temporarily, but he has gotten past it. Why can't everyone see this? I think people will all be happier when we are all true to ourselves. You agree?

Dear Feel Better:
Of course I agree that everyone should be themselves—but all these closeted hunks in H'wood are just too damn scared. 'Tho hopefully they'll hear these success stories and realize that times are changing.

Dear Ted:
Thank you so much for saying what so many people are saying about Taylor Lautner. I'm so over him being in our faces for the Twilight promotion. Just take that 10-second preview of Eclipse, half of which was just a showcase for, once again, Taylor's abs. Summit must be really dense if they think fans of Twilight only want to see that. The story is about Edward and Bella. I seriously hope that Eclipse actually showcases this properly and is not just showing that Taylor's nothing but a pretty face. On a much happier note, did you see Kristen on Jay Leno? She was absolutely beautiful and funny and so relaxed. She was amazing, gotta say. Here's hoping that when press comes for Eclipse, we get more awesome interviews with both Kristen and Robert together!

Dear Twilight Troubled:
I think you're definitely in store for some serious Edward/Bella action in Eclipse, but Tay does love showing off his washboard abs so look for an appearance by them as well. And I'm totally loving K.Stew's interviews lately too. She's so relatable and just plain cool.

Dear Ted:
Just a quick one. Back before Britney Spears' every breath was reported by the paps, was she ever a Blind Vice?

Dear Quicie:
Um, duh.

Dear Ted:
This is kind of random. But did Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon have anything going on during filming of Walk the Line? There were several reports of Joaquin having a crush on her. And they seemed to get along and their chemistry was insane in the movie and during promo? So, anything?

Dear Random Reese:
Nadda. But Reese does love the buzz she generates with basically any eligible man in H'wood. And Joaquin can only improve his weird rep by being connected to America's Sweetheart, so they both come out as winners from this rumor.

Dear Ted:
I vaguely remember you saying that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are done for good. Please say that it was just a dream. I love these two together!

Dear Heartbroken:
I wouldn't ever count anything out in Hollywood—there's only so many people you can date before you have to hook back up with an ex—but it's safe to say that ship has sailed. For now, certainly.

Dear Ted:
Not a question, a statement of what seems to be a disturbing fact. Might be my age showing, but am I the only one who thinks Taylor Lautner at the Oscars reminds me of the Ken doll from the '70s or '80s? Seriously, the kid never moved his face when he spoke and he has that vapid Ken look to him. Hopefully for his future mate, he is better equipped than Ken.

Dear Doll:
Looks like his PR plan is working.

Dear Ted:
OK, Ted, you've told us that Jensen Ackles is a Blind Vice, but it's clearly not stopping Danneel Harris from marrying him in May! Can you give us a clue? What, oh what, could Jensen's vice be?

Dear Wedded Bliss:
No Blind Vice—or anything for that matter—is going to stop Danneel from walking down that aisle. So I wouldn't take that as a gage of how innocent—or completely skankalicious, as it may be—J.A.'s Blind is.

Dear Ted:
I think people are mistaking Kristen Stewart's nerves for her acting like she doesn't even want to be at the Oscars. People, cut her some slack. She has said several times that she gets star-struck and imagine her in the Kodak Theater with the best of the best people in the acting world. Granted I would be nervous and terrified as well, I think Kristen looked ravishing and did a fantastic job. Ask yourself this question first, how would you feel if you had to go on stage with thousands of eyes watching you, plus those watching on TV, and you're only 19? Cut her some slack people!

Dear Stunned Stew:
Glad you're totally hearting K.Stew as much as I am. She's a normal chick, who can blame her for having a few butterflies on the big day?

Dear Ted:
I am so loving Jakey G. right now but why can't people leave his love life alone. I think he has learned his lesson about PR romances, so I wished his so called fan and followers would give the guy a break and stay out of his personal life and stop stalking his bedroom.
—Reformed Gyllenholic

Dear Lesson Learned:
Psh, you can wish it all you want but J.G.'s personal life will never be completely personal. He's already too big a tabloid staple.

Dear Ted:
I read about your latest Nevis Divine scoop. I'm telling you, I pity the beard. What's wrong with her? And I thought Nevis Divine and his beard are doing OK like having a solid relationship?

Dear Sympathy:
Don't feel so bad for Nevis' beard—she's doing quite well for herself and, unlike most beard situations, she's actually getting some from her stud muffin. The two are definitely still into each other—it's just who N.D. is into more.

Dear Ted:
I'm a conservative, but I even find Sarah Palin annoying. She seems to lack any capability to keep her mouth shut. Can't you do to her what we did to the "Couple-who-must-not-be-named?" Maybe other news networks will follow suit and she'll just slowly fade back into oblivion.

Dear Censored:
Interesting thought, but, isn't it much more fun to laugh at all the stupid things Sarah does?


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