Corey Haim

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If Corey Haim was still battling with prescription drugs toward the end of his young life, he was able to fool some people around him.

Anthony Fitzgerald, a 24-year-old actor from Minnesota, costarred alongside Haim in the last movie he made, an indie crime drama called Decisions.

"He took everything so seriously," Fitzgerald exclusively tells us. "He was always running his lines. He was always reading, rehearsing."

The movie centers on a bank robbery gone wrong, but...

In an eerie case of art imitating life, many of the characters in the flick are dealing with making some bad decisions that lead to, among other, things, drugging and drinking. Haim plays a corrupt cop. Production wrapped in December. That was the last time Fitzgerald saw or spoke to Haim.

"He was really giving it as an actor," Fitzgerald said. "He really wanted to be as good as he could possibly be for everybody. That was the great thing about him."

Fitzgerald said he and Haim never discussed the details surrounding his addiction, but the Lost Boys child star alluded to it many times. "He never got very specific, but he was very encouraging and very positive, sort of like a parent," Fitzgerald remembered. "He'd be like, 'Hey, I really like you. I think you're talented. Stay clean, stay positive and stay on the road you're on because that's the road to be on.' "

We have more from the Decisions set. Make sure to come back here later on for another costar's memories of the late actor.


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