File this under Who Knew? Before David Beckham, there was Corey Haim.

Among the more eyebrow-raising revelations that have emerged in the wake of the '80s heartthrob's unexpected death is word that the erstwhile Lost Boy once romanced a certain Spice Girl.

A vintage kiss-and-tell interview with Haim has popped up online, and he doesn't hold back in the details of their dating life. The relationship—which Victoria Beckham confirmed in her autobiography, Learning to Fly—took place in 1995, before her Girl Power heyday.

The couple met at a London recording studio, when, per Haim, the two locked "sniper eyes"—the rest, as they say, is history.

"I had to hang out with her, it's my obligation as a man to do that," Haim said.

As the story goes, Beckham (née Adams) was so smitten, she soon took the actor home to meet her parents. But it wouldn't have been a kiss-and-tell without a little kissing and telling.

"When she kisses, she does this cool little thing which I can't say…She just does this little gnaw thing on the thing, it's just nothing."

As for how their epic romance came to an end, Haim said, "We never really split up, Victoria and I."

Of course, there are two sides to every story, and according to Beckham's book, things ended with a bang: After a fight sparked by a conversation about British boy band Take That, Beckham claimed she "dragged [Haim] out by his neck, shoved him in my car, drove to the Hilton, opened the car door, pushed him out with my foot, undid the bag of clothes, scattered them in front of the hotel and drove off, with him shouting, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry.' I had enough on my plate without worrying about some screwed-up film star."

"It might have happened, man," Haim said, with one small caveat: "The Hilton? Dude, I was at the Marriott, first of all."

"If it's in the book, I guess it's real. I don't know what to say, man. Is it an actual…is it her words? Then, you know what, mate? I would believe it. She's never, I don't think, lied to me."

Wait for it.

"Well, except for before I met her, with cheating on a guy…I'm just happy to hear she didn't cheat on me with David. I'm not happy to hear she treated on me with another guy."

While the former Posh Spice has yet to publicly comment on Haim's passing, a source close to the fashionista told The Sun (so it must be true!) that while it had been years since she had any contact with Haim, "she was still shocked to learn of his death."


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