Khloé Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom know how to keep the show on the road.

"We do our things to keep it sexy," Khloé said on Wednesday's Lopez Tonight, referring to the couple's efforts to stay, um, connected since they spend so much time apart.

Odom says that he and Khloé are big fans of iChat.

"I call it 'iBoning,'" his wife interjected.

For starters, we suggest she start working on her own app.

"We're married, you gotta make it fun," Khloé offered. "He's on the road and if I'm in Miami...we still gotta see each other."

"Do you do that every night?" host George Lopez wondered.

"As much as possible," Lamar said.

And since Khloé never knows which part of her may be on webcam on any given night, she may as well look her best at all times.

"You gotta keep it clean down there," Khloé insisted when Lopez asked about a recent bikini-waxing incident the E! star had involving sister Kourtney Kardashian.

"You can tell I'm into the bald, you know," Lamar joked, pointing to his own smooth pate.

"It's disgusting if you let it go crazy," she explained. "Lamar was coming in town when he was playing the [Miami] Heat and I was trying to get a little clean. We're at a lingerie store, I was buying him a little present that night and [Kourtney] was like 'Hello, you gotta fix your situation.' And I said 'Well, I'm in Miami and I don't know anyone here.'"

So, in the end, Kourtney offered her amateur services, saying she used to do it for other girls when she was in college.

"She's 30, college was like 10 years ago," Khloé cut to the chase. "Point is, she does not remember how to do it.  That s--t hurt so badly! She burned me more than helped me."

"How'd you like it?" she asked Lamar.

"I could work through it," he said.


Those Kardashians, so full of information! Find out even more on our Keeping Up With the Kardashians page.

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