Farrah Fawcett, Oscar Statuette


Ryan isn't the only O'Neal terribly disasppointed by the absence of Farrah Fawcett in the tribute montage to filmdom's fallen stars shown during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

"On behalf of myself, my father Ryan O'Neal and my entire family, we are deeply saddened that a truly beautiful and talented actress Farrah Fawcett was not included in the memorial montage," Tatum O'Neal said in a statement Tuesday.

"We are bereft with this exclusion of such an international icon who inspired so many for so many reasons. Beautiful, talented Farrah will never be forgotten by her family and amazing fans."

Indeed she will not, though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has already excused itself from being the one responsible for carrying Fawcett's memory into 2010.

While Tatum wasn't Fawcett's biggest fan while the Charlie's Angels star was dating her dad in the 1980s, in more recent years the pair had reconciled and Ryan's daughter was in attendance at Fawcett's funeral following her death from cancer last year.


Remember Farrah Fawcett right here with a look through our tribute gallery.

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