Jake Gyllenhaal


Well, we already told you Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't seriously movin' on from Reese Witherspoon with hottie Oliva Munn, right? (As if.) So...just how will the cute little beef-boy help get back into a hot full-throttle sitch, you may wonder?

Yeah, whatever, even if you don't, we do! 'Cause we are serious about our love for the Jakey-poo, a man who lives to keep us all guessin'. But it's no secret what JT's next somewhat surprising move just might be...

Inside sources exclusively reveal to us that Gyllenhaal's peeps have contacted the races of all races, the Indianapolis 500, to try and finagle the dimpled movie star as this year's Grand Marshal!

Get out!

That's like, so Paul Newman! Or just really weird, not sure which.

"They're trying to push him for Prince of Persia," snipped one of deal-making insiders, regarding Camp Gyllenhaal's motivations, "don't know if it's going to work out, though."

No deal, we're told, has yet been finalized. Dates make sense, at least, as Prince opens Memorial Day weekend, the same time they run the Indy 500.

Still, not exactly sure what Prince's flowing-haired, battling lovelorn hero has to do tough-ass race-car driving, but, guess there's supposed to be an action connection? Desperately trying to open an overly expensive kinda weird-sounding flick is more like it, but, then, we've always been a bit on the caustic side here at the AT, maybe there's a more plausible fit we're not getting?

We've asked Jake's rep for comment and to help us out here. Will keep you informed.


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