Mark Salling, Naya Rivera

Amanda Edwards/FOX

Ladies and gentle-Gleeks, let the good news be known: Puck is still on the market!

After TV Guide broke the news that Mark Salling was in a serious relationship with his costar Naya Rivera (who plays his "sexting" buddy Santana), here's what we just heard from Mark's camp:

"Mark is not in a committed relationship at this time as his primary focus has been his work," his rep tells us, responding to the rumors. 

So despite reports that the two have entered a "secret, committed relationship," it seems we shouldn't start monogramming any towels with their initials just yet.

We just hope this isn't news to Naya! But she seems to be a pretty with-it girl (not to mention gorgeous) who'd have no problems landing a serious BF if she so desired, right?

When we last saw Puck, he had been pushed aside by his baby mama, Quinn (Dianna Agron), a few episodes after "sexting" Santana during a quasi date with Quinn. Can he pull it together and win her back?

In other news, Fox sources have confirmed that Glee's premiere has been pushed back—but only by 30 minutes. American Idol will now run 90 minutes on April 13, with Glee airing at 9:30. Glee will move to its regular 9 p.m., Tuesday slot April 20.

Which Glee coupling are you rooting for most when the show returns?

If you have questions for the Glee peeps, please post them in the comments below. They're hitting up this Saturday's Glee night at the Paley Festival. I'll be there, and my E! Online cohort in Gleekery Marc Malkin is hosting the event. He might even make it up on stage if I don't stuff him in my trunk and steal his chair...Mwah-ha-ha-ha...

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