Marie Osmond

Virginia Sherwood/NBC NewsWire via AP Images

While Marie Osmond's son is resting in peace (we truly hope), the 911 call from a neighbor who spotted Michael Bryan airborne is, not surprisingly, far from peaceful.

The 18-year-old jumped to his death from his Los Angeles apartment building on Feb. 26. Quite chillingly, a woman saw the whole thing happen and immediately called 911.

"I saw someone come down from the roof, and I looked down, and they're on the street," she tells the dispatcher through panicked breaths after giving the address. "I don't know if they fell or if they jumped. I don't know. I think it's a male. I don't know who the person is. I saw them flying from the roof."

Later, the operator asks how many floors are in the building. The woman tells her "15."

"I don't know where they jumped from," she says. "It was above my floor (7th)."

After the rumblings of apartment managers can be heard in the background, the caller concludes, "They said that he's dead."


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