Mr. Stark displays textbook narcisissm. Agreed.

The latest trailer for Iron Man 2, in theaters finally on May 7, doesn't really extend the storyline past what we've seen in previous clips, but we doubt Tony Stark would mind. Our hero kinda digs the exposure.

Of course, Paramount need not apologize for offering up more RDJ one-liners, ratcheting up Mickey Rourke's villainous presence and showing us Scarlett Johansson's sultry stare and ability to bring a man down using nothing but her thighs.

Rourke's Russian accent is in full force as he ominously threatens to put blood in the water and make sharks come before teaming with nerdy billionaire (they're the ones to watch out for!) Sam Rockwell, who wants to finance the Iron Man-crushing revolution.

Which might have worked once upon a time, but for this go-round, our Tony Stark's got Don Cheadle's War Machine watching his back, in addition to a fiery red suit that the government would love to confiscate, the chaste love of a good woman, and one heck of a goatee. 

Our grade: Can't wait.


Iron Man's not the only electronically enhanced superhero in our Movies From the Future! gallery.

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