Nicole Kidman

Joe Kohen/Getty Images for Martini

Nicole Kidman, possibly very elegant, possibly very posh (to maybe a fashion victim on crack) was spotted dining at one of her fave L.A. haunts, the Polo Lounge, over the weekend.

The onetime Oscar winner had everyone in the restaurant staring at her...but it wasn't for what you think.

"First of all, her face looked great," says a surprised witness nearby. "She wasn't wearing much makeup, and it looked really natural and glowing."

Get. Out.

Adds our lunch lurker:

"The reason why I couldn't stop looking at her was because I thought she rode her horse to the hotel."

Uh...come again?

"She was wearing riding boots, leggings and a navy blue sweater vest with a polo shirt underneath," describes our fashion-conscious source. "She also wore a newsboy cap with her hair tucked up underneath. I thought she was a male server at first."

So is the equestrian look in fashion now or something?

"The boots sound fine, but the rest of the outfit sounds like an over-the-top no-no," says fashion expert Sydne Summer over at mystyle, fresh from New York Fashion Week. "A bunch of designers showed equestrian looks for this spring, but nothing too crazy. The shows were quite literal, but again it was haute couture."

More Nic dirt:

"She looked really thin, too," adds our insider at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "She was just drinking what looked like tea."

No surprise there. This is Beverly Hills, darlings. But is life with randy Keith Urban getting a little, how shall we say, trying for Ms. K? So much so that the gal's acting out by wearing loco fashions? Hmmm. Let's keep an eye on this one.

One guy getting his eat on far more chill-like over the weekend was...

Leonardo DiCaprio, who was grabbing brunch at Hugo's with a party of about four.

The Shutter Island star kept his glasses and signature hat on inside the delish eatery, and—get this—the stud-muffin actually had to wait for a table! Too fab. Leo was looking slightly puffy...but we have a soft spot for L.D., so we'll just blame it on some poor clothing choices.

DiCaprio was with a couple of girls, but we seriously doubt this was a walk-of-shame-type brunch. Leo was spotted at the Weinstein party at Soho House later that night with on-off girlfriend Bar Refaeli by his sexy side.


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