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Forgot the rose ceremonies—it's not until after the Bachelor ends that the real drama starts.

Like so many made-for-TV bachelors before him, the moment after Jake Pavelka slipped that giant diamond ring on winner Vienna Girardi's finger, some broad came out of the woodwork to make sure we knew the dimpled pilot wasn't as charming and honest as he appeared to be while nationally wooing 25 eligible babes.

Tanya Douglas, Jake's alleged ex-GF, is getting quite chatty about her former flame, and she may be putting a damper on the soon-to-be newlyweds' lovin' mood.

While at an Oscar party over the weekend at Soho House, we're told that Vienna "seemed to be in a mood."

"She loves the recent media attention, but it was clear she was pissed off about something," says an eyewitness to the quasi-bitchy account. "While people were approaching Jake and Vienna to congratulate them, Vienna wouldn't even acknowledge some of them. She would just stare off somewhere else. Jake was really friendly, though."

Geez, we might be in a mood, too, if some girl was claiming to have possibly banged J.P. while they were engaged. However, Jake denies the two relationships overlapped.

Douglas has three pictures from summer 2009 posted on her website, showing her in Dallas (Jake's hometown) posing in a cockpit, meeting the CEO of Southwest Airlines and getting a tour in a helicopter with a not-so-mystery man who is cropped out of the picture.

And all those Bachelor contestants thought they were so lucky—looks like the mile-high date is a standard in Jake's repertoire.

Douglas has not responded to E!'s request for comment, but she told a radio station that Pavelka has still been in contact with her since the Bachelor season wrapped, claiming their relationship may have overlapped with his relationship with Girardi.

Still, all the dirty gossip didn't hinder Jake's mood while he was out at a few pre-Oscar bashes.

"Jake seemed really happy the whole night," adds our source. "He did get serious for a bit, telling friends that he's tired of Vienna getting a bad rep in the media for no reason."

Hmmm...maybe that's because his current blonde is so pouty! Still, depending on which girl you believe, she could be in the right.

We can already predict what will happen next: Vienna and Jake will have a very public falling out when it's rumored that he and his Dancing With the Stars partner, Chelsie Hightower, are doing the horizontal tango outside of rehearsal. Chels, who calls her new partner "big J" on her Twitter (tho we all know that's not true)—is just his type, too: small and blonde. Way to keep an open mind, Jakey.

So...think Vienna and Tanya were sharing the goods? Or is it another fabricated Bachelor tale?

Additional reporting by Whitney English


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