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Backstage at the Oscars last night, Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock, sheathed in metallic silver, trembled a little—and it wasn't out of nervousness over having just won the top award for her performance in The Blind Side. Nope, it was a man who was making her smile and quiver and shake a bit—and man by the name of Ryan Reynolds!

I'd just asked Bullock, who mentioned (numerous times) during her acceptance speech about having kissed Meryl Streep at the Critics' Choice Awards ceremony, why all the talk about that one? I mean, especially after she'd filmed that hot nude scene with Reynolds in The Proposal, this is the kind of titillating thing that gets all the headlines? Why that?

Looking me directly in the eye, here's what Sandra had to say:

"Well, first of all, if you saw me in the scene with Ryan, no one noticed me because Ryan was in the scene naked as well."

"You were naked in it, too," I said.

"I know. I looked fine, but Ryan, who is my friend, is a freak of nature and it's disgusting the way he looks and all I see is him, naked. When I see him naked…"

And then Sandra, perhaps noticing her husband, Jesse James (who's a good-looking hunk, for sure, but, he ain't exactly R2 material), chose to bury his slightly embarrassed face in his BlackBerry, lost her trail of thought. Or chose to lose, would be my expert hunch.

Smart girl. I think I was starting to get as excited as Bullock was conjuring up the birthday-suited Ryan! I mean, how lucky is that bitch Scarlett Johansson, anyway?

So, Bullock switched back to the safer subject of smooching all over Ms. Streep:

"You know," Bullock, slightly red in the face, gathered herself and proclaimed, "I don't think anyone expects [Streep] to do it.  That's why it makes the headlines.  She's an awesome broad. So I think it's because I kissed Meryl. No one's ever taken the bull by the horns, but I did."

Funny, Jesse's head was still buried in his BlackBerry at this point. Though he was smiling this time. Good save, Sandy!


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