Melrose Place Cast


Ratings for the premiere season of Melrose Place 2.0 may not be very impressive, but that doesn't mean the primetime soap won't get a second chance to win over more viewers.

At least that's what Thomas Calabro, who plays Dr. Michael Mancini, thinks...

"Here's what's going on with that: We're coming back," Calabro tells us. "Right now, we're airing our first five or six episodes internationally, and I think the show's a big international hit. That's enough to bring a show back.

The original Melrose Place struggled at first, too, and it ended up being a hit for seven seasons," Calabro continued. "We ended up being a defining mark of the '90s, and I don't see any reason why that can't happen again."

Calabro also says he hopes some changes in upcoming episodes will draw new viewers. "The show is going to get less dark and a little less serious," he said. "It will get more fun, starting with Michael finding a new love interest now that his wife [Brooke Burns] will be out of the picture. He will take his love, pleasure, whatever, elsewhere—wherever that is for him."

And Dr. Mancini also teases we haven't seen the last of our favorite old-school Melrose alums. "We have a bit of a reunion episode coming up," Calabro says. "There are a couple of old characters in a scene in the show. It involves at least two girls I slept with, and one that I didn't. There's a thread between me and one of those characters that goes through the entire show. It's not just a scene."

We'll assume it has something to do with that "love, pleasure, whatever" he was talking about.


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