Haeley Vaughn, Anerican Idol

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Who needs American Idol when this week's batch of eliminees comes handy with a second—and equally awesome—skill set? As they told reporters Friday afternoon, singing is their passion, but with all of doors apparently opened by making it to the top 20, the future remains a mystery.

Well, sort of. Booted songstress Haeley Vaughn had lots to say about her currently non-existent future with the Disney Channel, but after all of the love she gave it during her chat with the press, we bet it's not too far off.

"I'm a really big fan of Disney and Disney Channel so that's something I hope comes up," Hayely gushed almost immediately. And she's not the only one. Any guesses as to which ousted performer is already planning their own fashion line?!

We'll tell you the asnwer to the fashion-line question in a second, but first, back to this whole Disney gig. As Haeley puts it, "I love Disney, and if I was given a chance to work with them, I'd love it...Miley Cyrus, I love her!" And then again a few minutes later, the 16-year-old reiterated her Disney desires, only this time adding a future in acting to the mix.

"With Disney, I would love to be on a show. My favorite show is Hannah Montana, that's a really big inspiration for me." Is Haeley the next guitar-totin' Miley? Only time will tell.

Elsewhere in the Idolverse, 22-year-old Michelle Delamor fielded questions about her standout style, and dropped this bomb: "I am really big in fashion! I am going to start working on my clothing line," described as "glam funk." Seriously, we're not in the business of raining on anyone's parade, but after our talk with Tyler Grady last week, these kids seem to possess more confidence in themselves than we've ever seen in seasons past.

Speaking of confidence, outlandish performer Jermaine Sellers seems to think he was portrayed all wrong and attempted to clear the air, although he may not have helped his case much. "Sometimes the camera can make you look more arrogant and more divaish," he said. "Anyone who knows me knows I'm the nicest guy. I hate it that I was made out to look like something that I'm not but it's television."

He followed up with: "American Idol is for teenyboppers, and that's not where my soul is." Gracious.

Slow and steady contestant John Park on the other hand bowed out gracefully, showing nothing but gratitude while talking to reporters and explaining that his plans post-Idol are a bit different than the others.

"I'm going to head back to Chicago and see what kind of open doors there will be for me, just wait it out...take some time off to decompress and think about if performing is really what I want to pursue."

And that's that. Are you on board with a Haeley-esque Hannah Montana and a Michelle's designer duds? Were the right four sent a-packin'? Let us know what you think.


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