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Jeremy Renner had a superposh dinner at Sunset Towers Thursday night and he clearly had a reason to celebrate.

While we don't think The Hurt Locker star was giving himself props for nabbing Jessica Simpson's phone number, the humpy studmuffin was instead chowing down with a group of babes in honor of his Oscar nomination. Was he hungry for love or grub?

A clean-shaven Renner, who was dressed in his finest duds fresh from The Hollywood Reporter party earlier, sat in the corner table with three other gals, including one very pretty brunette. Safe to say J.R. had both his tummy and his heart in mind, sorry, Jess.

And don't think the presence of Jeremy's table babes stopped any of the other women there from taking notice of the very good-lookin' and equally talented dude.

"Every time he got up from the table, someone would approach [Jeremy] and congratulate him and introduce themselves," dishes a fellow diner at the hot L.A. hang. "It just so happened that a lot of his admirers happened to be female."

No surprise there!

J.R., who most recently has been linked to Simpson, has sure been doing his very best to dodge any questions regarding the former pop star, to both press and friends alike.

Maybe because the hunky-hunk isn’t ready to be tied down just yet? Yay! Hate it when hotties take themselves off the market, don’t you?

As the dinner wrapped up, most of Renner’s table left…except for Jeremy and the fetching femme who was dining with their party of four. Smart girl.

The last-man-standing gambit always works.

Adds our love witness:

"After two of the women he was eating with—who looked like handler types—left, Jeremy scooted over and sat in the same booth next to the brunette who had been at their table all night."

We're told the lucky gal, with long, dark brown hair in a black strapless dress, held the actor's attention for quite some time.

"The two of them stayed at the restaurant alone together for a while talking pretty closely," adds our source. No word yet on if the convo was about business, pleasure or both.

Unfortunately, neither this babe nor Jessica will be Renner's date on Oscar Sunday.

"I'm taking my mom,” Jer told Access Hollywood.

Too cute! Heart him even more now, you?


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