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Let's get right to it: The biggest Oscar snub this season was that the Academy didn't nominate Beyoncé in the best supporting actress category. Her work in Obsessed was truly inspirational—she head-butts and bitch-spits Ali Larter with such enviable acting aplomb, it's a stupefying mystery why she's not giving Mo'Nique a run for her Oscar money instead of Anna Kendrick.

Regardless, we're quite positive B won't be the last snub, because the winners have already basically picked themselves. Not because they're the best, mind you, but because they have the most publicity. And where popularity contests are concerned, when the handsomest stud or the hottest chick wins, undoubtedly there's a more deserving geek-in-disquise left in their wakes.

Take a look at these snitty situations:

Best Picture:  We're totally pissed that Avatar—fresh off its shocker victory at the Golden Globes—is looking more like a front-runner than ever. Sure, the movie was good, but was it Best Picture worthy? If Pocahantas wasn't nommed for Best Pic, why should James Cameron's bungle-in-the-jungle sci-fi flick score the trophy? It's the same story, ya know. Give Avatar what it deserves—technical awards—and let a more worthy film get the glory. Like, say, The Hurt Locker, which is not only Avatar's prime showdown-competition, but it wasn't redundant and it's probably the most original Iraq war film to date.

We Predict: Avatar takes it, and Hurt Locker gets ignored while its producers show their disappointment with the same dignity and grace they showed for disregarded human life in Locker.

Best Director: Cameron has a pretty solid hold here, as well. Don't get us wrong, we think the dude makes some great films—hello, Titanic was totally deserving of its Oscar wins—but we'd hate for Cam's name recognition and past bonzo box-office cred to overly influence voting. If James ends up taking home the award, it'd be a huge snub to the other noms—especially ex-wife and Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow and Inglorious Basterd's Quentin Tarantino. We've already said how innovative and truly brilliantly "Tarantino" we thought Basterds was, but probably not enough Academy geezers take the rebel director seriously enough. Sad but true, kids. As for Bigelow? She's definitely put some pressure on James this awards season and we'll totally be rooting for her come the big night.

We Predict: Bigelow nabs the top honors, and James seethes in his prime seat. Look for the cutaway of Cameron as Bigelow's name is announced, it'll be the best show of the night.

Best Actress: A sure bet—bar some huge Marisa Tomei-style upset (remember when she took it for My Cousin Vinny?)—is Sandra Bullock taking home the trophy for best actress for her critically popular highlighted mommy in The Blind Side. She's already clobbered the Critics' Choice, Golden Globes, SAG—why not the Oscar, too? Sure headed that way. We're huge Sandy fans, but was her down-South, tough-but-lovable thang really the best performance of the year? No. There are definitely more deserving chicks. Forget Meryl Streep—who's obviously amazing in everything she does—we think Gabourey Sidibe, in Precious, should nab the award. To give such a shatteringly deep and complex performance in her first film only reminds of that chick named Jennifer Hudson. Remember her?

We Predict: The Sandy show prevails, talent loses.

Best Supporting Actress: Another totally-is-going-to-happen moment will be Mo'Nique getting best supporting actress. Mo gave such an impressively scary turn in Precious, we'd be totally be bummed if she didn't get it. But…none of the other nominees seem even to be getting a damn consideration. Namely Vera Farminga and Anna Kendrick, who are not only both equally spot-on in Up In The Air, they deliver much better performances than leading actor nominee George Clooney. Talk about snubs! And remember: The supporting categories are often where the expected winners often come up not actually winning at all, like when Little Miss Sunshine's Alan Arkin stole it from Dreamgirl's Eddie Murphy, who split the show early, as a result, remember that drama?

We Predict: No supporting upset this year, and the completely deserving sasser, Ms. Mo'Nique, hauls it off.

Honorary Mention Snub: What's up with the Academy playing on the Twilight love when we all know New Moon is far more suited to the likes of the Razzie Awards? Come Sunday night, the Twi-hards will tune in to see our girl K.Stew present with abs-tastic Taylor Lautner when, in reality, T.L. shouldn't be allowed within 100 yards of the Kodak Theater and Kristen should be using this opportunity to promote some of her work that could actually garner nomination fodder. Why not have her present with Dakota Fanning for The Runaways or James Gandolfini for Welcome to the Rileys? Anna Kendrick isn't the only Twi-kid who can act, and she doesn't have to show up promoting a critical dud, so why should K.S.?

We Predict: The Academy will get away with selling their souls to the Twilight devil, but let the record state: If you're gonna be a Twi-ho, be an honest Twi-ho and get Kristen up there with Robert Pattinson, the one she's meant to show it off with. And does.


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