The battle of them all! Who will win Best Picture?

Ten movies are nominated, but the race has looked like a toss-up between the two leaders: Avatar and The Hurt Locker. Fans have pretty much sworn Avatar to take home the award Sunday night, and who could blame 'em? Oh, but look: The Hurt Locker is closing in!

So what's it gonna be? Blue people, Iraq war people, even the World War II people of Inglourious Basterds, or one of the seven other movies nominated but rarely mentioned.

Take your best guess in our new Oscars Prediction Quiz, find out if you're a Box Office Brainiac or a Red Carpet Rebel, and share with all your so-called friends on Facebook.


Take a look at who will be fighting for the gold in our 2010 Oscars: Notable Nominees gallery!

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