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In case you missed the news, Joel McHale is about to look pretty darn snazzy in (and out!) of his skivvies on Community tonight, but that's just the start of the craziness to come on the latter half of Community's first season. We have it on good authority that by the finale's end, Greendale Community College will become a scene straight out of Dawson's Creek. (We promise to elaborate.)

Lucky for you, we chatted up Joel and company at Wednesday night's Paley Fest, and here's what we learned about nudity, prom and some upcoming gunplay…

Greendale Gets Naked: First and foremost, we'll be seeing nekkid Joel tonight on Community, and brace yourselves, ladies, because he is not messing around. Joel tells us, "I'm wearing nudie underwear, which is the smallest thing I've ever worn...I did spray tan!" (Editor's note: He's not only fully nakie, he's bending and dancing and kissing an old dude! This is not to be missed.)

Greendale Gets Formal: Greendale is going to prom as a season-ender! "We're definitely going to give the fans something worthy of a finale," says Dan Harmon, the brains behind Community. In fact, he's looking to television proms past for some inspiration. "We follow the school year, so we get to do prom. It has to end with a prom-bang, my homage to a Dawson's Creek-y vibe."

And while no one would divulge which Spanish study-groupers would be splitting the cost of the limo, Dan promised us this: "The last couple of episodes satisfy all the urges you have about Community. We're batting cleanup with the drama, the sap and the comedy, as well."

Greendale Gets Violent: Between naked Joel and the gang in formal wear, look for an action-packed episode that's reportedly very conceptual—basically "an action movie for 25 minutes" of your Thursday night TV—and Dan jokes, "If you guys don't love this, then just go ahead and cancel us!"

Plus, this shoot-'em-up episode apparently includes some good Jeff-Britta (Gillian Jacobs) stuff! Says Joel himself: "There will be some arrests, I get my head bashed in, there's romance stuff, and there will be a lot of gunplay—I'm not kidding." Outstanding!

Which Greendalers should go to prom together? (We vote Abed and Troy!) Will you be tuning in tonight to see some stripped-down Joel McHale? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


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