Ellen DeGeneres, Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi

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It must be love.

If Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giraldi still want to tie the knot after watching "almost every episode" of The Bachelor together, then those two have a bond no amount of absurdity can break.

The betrothed couple haven't watched the finale yet, however, Vienna said in an interview airing Thursday on Ellen, because, "We lived it. We know what happened."

Ellen DeGeneres was surprised to hear that the couple were allowed to spend time together after getting engaged, which occurred several months before TV viewers witnessed the proposal.

And sure enough, she got Vienna and Jake to admit that they didn't always toe the line.

"We've been together for the last three months," Vienna said, sporting the princess-cut Neil Lane diamond Jake gave her on the Bachelor finale.

"Sneaking around?" Ellen asked.

"Yes, illegally," Jake quipped.

"But we're engaged, so we're allowed to sneak around," his fiancée added.

Jake, who will be back on ABC competing on Dancing With the Stars in a few weeks, said that there was no one moment in which he knew Vienna was the woman for him. In fact, there were many.

"There wasn't any one single moment," Jake said. "Your heart just starts to fall, but when it really turned around was we were in Napa Valley. It was a date combined with Gia at the vineyard and we sat there on a bench..."

"When [Vienna] snuck down and got in bed with you?" interjected Ellen.

"They made you look a little crazy with the lantern going through, searching all over," DeGeneres told Vienna. "They edited that to make you look like a crazy woman looking for him in his bed."

"You used a very good world just then—edited," Vienna replied. "I can't say it."

"It was actually a 45-minute conversation," Jake explained. "Coincidentally, everybody got to see the best three minuets of it but she described what love was, what she thought of love...The bedtime was later. But values, and spirituality, and different things like that. I just realized, Wow, we really line up."


Sometimes the Bachelor journey really does end in marriage!

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