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The unthinkable has happened: Pawnee, Ind., just got sexier!

While NBC isn't commenting yet, Parks & Recreation boss Mike Schur (Mose!) just confirmed to our pal Matt Mitovitch from sister site Fancast that Rob Lowe is coming on the NBC show, saying, "It's a perfect fit."

So what are the deets?

No word yet on Rob's role—I'm told that's still being finalized—but Lowe will come on board in the second-to-last episode of the season and is slated for "a number of episodes stretching into season three."

Lowe is exiting ABC's Brothers & Sisters after the current season, amid reports that Rob had asked out of his contract in order to land more of a leading role elsewhere. (Though my sources also cite budget issues and say the parting was a bit more mutual.)

So it is a bit surprising Rob is taking another ensemble gig.

According to Schur, Rob will mesh well in a comedy like P-Rex because he was "very funny" in movies like Wayne's World, Thank You for Smoking and Austin Powers.

The current second season of Parks and Recreation is enjoying a creative upswing, so we can only assume Schur's team will come up with some awesome material for Lowe.

Are you excited to see Rob Lowe on Parks & Recreation? Which character would you pair him up with? Comment below...


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