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If you came here for some Bachelor bashing from controversial contestant Rozlyn Papa, think again.

"It was the right choice for him," she tells E! News during an exclusive sitdown today. "It's a love connection." Pretty surprising, right, considering some of the catty things she's said about the show over the past few weeks?

What changed Rozlyn's mind about Vienna and how does she feel about The Bachelor now that all's said and done? Let's just say it's not all good...

Rozlyn, who has been a huge naysayer as to the validity of connections made on the show, said she truly believes Jake and Vienna are the real deal. "I wouldn't have believed it if you talked to me about it yesterday, but seeing it onscreen, it seems genuine to me. It really does.

"The way he smiles—if you see his body language with her and the way he is with the other girls, it is so genuine. I'm not attracted to Vienna, but who are we to say that he can't be?" she laughs.

As for whether they'll actually marry, Rozlyn is skeptical. "That's pushing it. We haven't had a wedding from that show yet." [Editor's note: Tell that to Trista and Ryan! And Molly and Jason! Clearly this girl needs to brush up on her Bachelor facts.]

Jake, Vienna, The Bachelor


Still, there's no jealousy because apparently Roz wasn't really feeling Jake! "He's very sweet, but very different. We don't mesh very well."

Rozlyn still stands behind her side of the story that ultimately ousted her from the show, insisting nothing happened with the show's producer. When the topic of her not-so-stellar reputation arises, she states: "It comes with the territory. You sign up for a reality show, people are going to dig into your past, people are going to say what they want, it's entertainment. Do I think I deserve it? No, of course I don't feel like I deserve it, but I know why they do it, and I get it."

Oh, and about that alleged sex tape being peddled around, Rozlyn is less direct. "[My lawyer's] working on it. Whoever it is that's shopping around is also the guy who's shopped around other fake celebrity sex tapes. I don't want to say too much about it, except that as far as I know it's a hoax." And when asked point blank if the tape exists or not, she responds: "Not that I know of, but I have a kid. I've done it before..."

So, is that a yes or no? We're still not sure, but make sure to tune in to the rest of Rozlyn's exclusive interview on E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and again at 11:30 p.m., and get former Bachelor Andrew Firestone's opinions on Daily 10 at 7:30 p.m.


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