Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

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Totally glad we were proven wrong! Kristen Stewart actually walked the carpet for the premiere of Robert Pattinson's new flick Remember Me, last night. While she didn't take pics with Rob on the carpet, we're told the duo hung quite closely throughout the night.

Our fave gal who has been hiding out with Pattinson in NYC was only planning on sneaking into the after-party last night, but surprised everyone when she agreed to take photos.

But is this public statement too friggin' convenient?

The Robsten non-believers think so. Stewart showing up to the RM premiere certainly gives Rob's flick tons more press. Meanwhile she too has The Runaways to promote in the next couple of weeks, both of which have Summit ties.

So...what does press have to do with it?

"We were just as surprised as you were," 'fesses one of our insiders over at the studio. "No one would make her walk the carpet. That was clearly [Kristen's] choice."

Presh! But what does it all mean?

Deep Twi, who told us Rob and Kristen were cooling it while they were working apart, says those close to R & K are "very pleased, but privately WTF" about it all. Everyone thought our favorite pair was close to calling it quits...but never count these rebel lovers down for the count! Especially if their recent actions are showing us anything.

After hanging together all over London and with Kristen's unexpected New York layover, the pair clearly has figured out how to balance work and pleasure.

Even though their schedules are going to keep them apart for a while, Robsten will be reunited sooner than you think for Eclipse promos.

And probably before then, too.


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