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Sure, ABC is unveiling its official list of competitors for the 10th season of Dancing With the Stars tonight, but, well, we just couldn't wait that long, particularly after gazing at the lengthy list of names that have been floated so far. Some are seemingly a lock, and others, uh, not so much.

So who are they? Funny you should ask:

Pamela Anderson Her penchant for a skimpy outfit has been well-documented, but the rumor really picked up speed when beefy pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy seemingly confirmed her casting. Oops.

Kate Gosselin The original octomom has long been angling for a spot on the show and, apparently, it's done the trick. (As, no doubt, has the fact that she's come out the lesser of two evils in the wake of her split).

Shannen Doherty DWTS' penchant for O.G. Beverly Hills, 90210 stars is well-known, thanks to appearances from Jennie Garth and Steve Sanders Ian Ziering. What took them so long? West Bev 4 Eva!

Chad Ochocinco: The outspoken, Twitter-happy Cincinatti Bengals receiver will (reportedly) be the latest NFL to hit the parquet.

John Stamos Sorry, Uncle Jesse fans. Stamos just confirmed on Twitter that he was asked to compete, but turned it down. Have mercy!

Greg Louganis: The most exciting thing to grace Olympic water since Michael Phelps has cut out the middle man and started his own rumor about competing. If you think it, you can achieve it?

Danielle Fishel The Boy Meets Girl alum and current Dish host took a page out of Louganis' book and also volunteered herself for the gig. And then proceeded to spread that little seed like wildfire to anyone who would listen. Go, Topanga, go!

Kevin Federline The former Mr. Britney Spears and current wannabe fit celebrity told our own Ryan Seacrest last month that he would love to compete but worried (in what was perhaps a first and last) that producers might find him overqualified for the gig. And yeah, he seems to have said that with a straight face.

Evan Lysacek: Predilection for sparkles and ruffles and general fabulosity? Check. Olympic gold medal pedigree? Check. On-record love for the show? Check. But competing in the show would mean Lysacek would have to bow out of the 2010 World Figure Skating Championships in Turin, Italy next month—and we're thinking that's a title the Olympian may want to uphold.

Buzz Aldrin: Believe it or not, plenty of people seem to think this former astronaut is a plausible contender for a spot on the show, despite the fact that his 80 years of life puts even Cloris Leachman to shame. The rumor started when a real-life moonwalker was ID'd as a competitor. We're going with no.

Jennifer Grey OK, this one would be pretty awesome, and you just know DWTS is itching to do another Dirty Dancing-inspired number. It was reported late last year that she was in negotiations to participate, though the rumor lost steam soon after. Still, we're hoping she has it. By a nose.

What say you? Who would you like to see compete this season?


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