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Who says you don't need math skills to be a gossip columnist? While we usually focus on our journalist talents to dish the latest dirt on the skankiest of celebs, we busted out our handy pocket protectors to tally up the results of some recent polls—way overdue, we know.

So we spent hours crunching the numbers and came to some very interesting conclusions, all based on what you readers told us.

And let's just say, your opinions on goss involving the casting of Captain America, Robsten's quasi-silence, the battle of the Jackle's fiancées, and the Brad, Ange, Jen and Gerry Super Bowl shenanigans is just downright awful—and oh, so delicious.

On to the results:

1. Jensen Ackles has to be Captain America.

A third of you may have voted that "All American" John Krasinski had the acting chops necessary to switch from The Office's cuddly Jim to comic book's most badass patriot, but it was in the comments section that we found out which stud muffin you really wanted: Supernatural hottie Jensen Ackles.

'Tho he's already dropped out of the running thanks to his demanding TV schedule, fans were adamant that he was the only one worthy of the role, and that all other potential caped crusaders—especially "pretty boy" Chace Crawford—were simply a joke.

We so agree that J.A. would make quite the sexy superhero, but, unless those stinkin' producers work something out in his schedule, we'd also be happy with the latest Avengers casting rumor: One Tree Hill mega-babe Robert Buckley.

2. Actions speak louder than words. Robsten is totally a couple.

Post-BAFTA, Robstenland was abuzz with what really went down in London Town. Our favorite Twilight duo may have been separate during the awards but they did meet up for a late night rendezvous, then—OMG!—British tab The Sun reported that Rob totally confirmed he was K.Stew's BF.

We hated to spill the beans on, but the story wasn't exactly the truth—Rob didn't blab. Good news, though?

Two thirds of you voted you didn't care if R.Pattz or his beau ever verbally confirmed they were dating, because it was completely obvious that they are together. Pictures don't lie and the paparazzi photos of the usually super sneaky couple leaving an after-party together were enough to satisfy your nearly insatiable curiosity.

3. Genevieve, Danneel—Who cares?

Seeing how heated you got after Danneel Harris's appearance on Truth, Lies & Ted, we wanted to see how the much maligned red head stacked up to fellow fiancée, Gen Cortese. While the poll results figured about equally between the two chicks, most of you think we forgot to include an option: neither!

Seems you feel that both of these "Z-list actresses" are dumber than a box of rocks and that neither is playing the engaged game right: dubbing Gen "annoying as heck" and "in hiding" and Danneel "a desperate skank" and "a shameless faker."

Popular opinion amongst you guys is that both gals are using your beloved Jackles to boost their own careers, saying that they "have reached the kiss-of-death age of 30, which in H'wood means their chances of getting parts are smaller than getting hit with a meteor." Ouch, guys, way harsh.

4. Jen and Ger are having more fun...but not much more.

Super Bowl weekend saw two very seemingly happy couples: first, there was Brad and Ange who fought off split rumors by making a very public appearance at the big game, cuddling and kissing to show us just how in love they are. Yeah right.

Around the same time, often-pitied Jen Aniston is off cavorting in Mexico with grope-friendly Gerard Butler, appearing to have mucho fun lounging poolside.

So which couple was actually having more fun? According to you guys, it was a no brainer that Jen and Ger seemed to be living it up south of the border a whole heck of a lot better than Brangelina's forced PDA's.

'Tho the second most popular vote was that neither couple is the real deal. The once dynamic duo has been showing some wear and tear lately, what with Brad's nasty-ass beard and A.J.'s sour puss, but Jenny and Gerry are far from the blissful couple they want us to believe—we all know Jen ain't going to ditch her single life for a dog life G.B. who can't help but shove his tongue down the throat of every girl he meets.

We say: tie.


Vote on these (and many more polls) in the Polls section.

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