Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner was spotted out in Beverly Hills recently beautifying that face America really seems to friggin' love.

The mother of two, husband of one Ben Affleck, was seen strolling into Anastasia salon wearing this big ol' smile on that normally sour puss of hers.

The mask surely came off once inside, right?


Jennifer was so nice to everyone, fesses our eyes inside the Mecca of eyebrow waxing. She looked good, too. Hmm.

Ms. G. was wearing baggy jeans with her hair loosely pulled back and no makeup. Geez, is this likeable Garner bit going to become a pattern, or something? Hey, were all for change here at AT, so why the hell not?

But were so calling Jens attitude bluff, just the same. A gal not exactly appearing as if she's changing her ways was...

Mischa Barton who, while 30 minutes into Benicio Del Toros Wolfman, sprinted out of the Grove cinema to have a smoke.

What kind of smoke break, you ask, because you're very clever and up on all things strange smelling with the wayward Barton? Well, that's for you all to judge, 'cause we all know Bartons a fan of those funny looking cigarettes.

The former actress sported a floral dress with white jacket and beaded choker and looked frazzled as she left the chic multiplex, apparently in a hurry.

She said she was going to take a "quick" smoke break, says a theater worker. "She ran up to me, in her heels, and asked if I would let her back in," pooped the worker-bee. Then she literally ran outside to do some serious inhaling.

Barton wasn't looking her finest (shocker), wearing no makeup and appearing really tired, reports the nose-and-eyewitness.

Mischa's eyes looked a little puffy and her hair looked really scraggly.

After about five minutes outside, Barton came running back into the theater and also ran all the way back to her seat.

What, no stop at the concessions on her way in? Maybe they were just regular cigs after all.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English


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