Kesha; Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

LiLo has never been camera-shy with her lady bits. Paris's privates have been actually been a private matter. And, heavens knows, we've all seen Britney's business.

Now Ke$ha, pop scene's latest flash in the panties, is letting it all hang out. While slipping out of her car at the NME Awards—where she squawked through a performance but, no surprise, didn't win any awards—the wannabe-controversial newcomer bared her...

...flatter-than-a-pancake ass for the waiting paparazzo.

Just another H'wood gal getting press for showing what's under the hood, right?

We wouldn't be so quick to judge Ke$ha for her outfit malfunction (the pervy paps are good at getting that money shot), but we can't help but point out the overly obnoxious singer is coming off as quite the hypocrite in this ordeal.

Only last week Billboard magazine asked her if she was a party girl and Ke$ha—can we just say how extremely annoying it is to type a money sign every time you reference her?—responded:

"If you mean 'party girl' like, at a club with a short skirt on with no underwear, then no...I try not to let my vagina hang out."

While the paparazzi may not have gotten a pic of the popstar's pussycat, Ke$ha's micro-mini dress leaves very little to the imagination—especially when she has to, you know, move. As for her supposed avoidance of the club scene? Well, fellow glitter-enthusiast Adam Lambert wasn't the tipsy jerk-off at Club 57 the other week.

If you're going to annoy us, Ke$ha, at least don't lie to us while you're doing it. And, if you get a break from trying to hard, try to find time for some squats—if we're forced to see your tush, make it worth our while.


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