Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen

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OK, it's getting to be a friggin' bad cliché: Celebrity sexes it up (or is accused of sexing it up) with the stripper who screams that she's not the skanky one.

What the hell's going on here?

Do we have Josh Duhamel reportedly stepping out on his honey, Fergie, or—more suspect—the likes of Charlie Sheen getting his lap dance on to blame for this titillating tabloid sensation? Oh, and don't forget Ben Affleck really got this whole she-bang biz off to a scandalous start in 2003, after which he said he'd attended a strip club without fiancée J.Lo, but, that's it.

Duhamel's adamant he didn't participate in this scandalous stuff. But, plenty of other famous men have. So, we called up an expert in sex and addictive behavior, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who hosts Celebrity Rehab.

We were shocked by some of what the knowing doc had to say:

Why are these famous dudes taking the chance of harming their reps?

"Because they can. And it's much more complicated than it appears. You have to ask why they're choosing these types of women."

I'm asking.

"Clearly, they're considering these women sexual objects. And they're acting out with the only object being sex. They do not want a relationship with these women."

Rachel Uchitel will be sorry to hear. But, why exactly strippers?

"Remember, these are highly fetishized women, and there are many different circumstances around this kind of behavior. Some have a predilection for addiction, whether it be chemical or sex, or both."

Why take the chance of being caught though?

"They're not thinking of the liabilities. Which is typical of addicts."

But going to strip clubs is pretty out in the open stuff, could they be hoping to get caught?

"No. I have never met an addict who wanted to be caught. They will get away with it as long as they can."

What about the insta-public-relations responses from many of these celebrities that because of the type of work the strippers do, their stories are not to be believed. Aren't there noble strippers who tell the truth?

"You're opening a really great issue. This is a group of women who have been dismissed for years and now they're starting to speak up. It's empowering."

Going to strip clubs isn't always bad, right? I mean, I feel like this shouldn't be a moral issue, and it automatically becomes one.

"I do not want to bum anybody's high, that's not what this is about. It's about when something becomes un-healthy."

I think Tiger Woods could really benefit from your help. Are you game?

"I will be fastidiously avoiding Tiger Woods."


"He's in great hands."


Tiger Woods was involved in one of the biggest stripper scandals. Check out the Elin Nordegren: Life After Scandal gallery to see how his wife is dealing.

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