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Before my exclusive interview this morning with Survivor's latest casualty, I took a little peep at his Facebook status. It's not too spoilery if you haven't seen the show yet (or read last night's Survivor Insider). The competition's now notorious buff burner...

 "is preparing for a full day of post boot press. I planned on behaving. However, I am thinking now that going out bitter might be the best way to go out. The edit and [Jeff] Probst have been kissing Boston Rob's ass for years. I am thinking that the time is right to set the record straight."

Let's do it!

Q&A with Randy Bailey

I know you want to set the record straight about Boston Rob, so let's have it.
I could go on for hours...He turned on me. Some of this goes back to being a fan of the show and watching All-Stars. Lex was right. This game is not just a game, it's also life. It's evolved into something that I'm not particularly crazy about. It's too much of a game now. It leads to a lot of undeserving people making it far in the game. I'm not saying I should win, but I miss the old days.

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But isn't it aggravating when the coattail riders win?
That's exactly what happened in Gabon. I've never seen a less deserving final three [Sugar, Susie and Bob]. Ever. In Gabon that was more of a product of twists and turns in the game. What happened in season 19 [Samoa] was more of riding coattails. People have to learn: The jury votes for the person you like the most. Period. And if you hate 'em all, you vote for the one who's least objectionable.

Why did you throw your buff in the fire?
I didn't need it anymore. I was going home. That was the simple answer. I was going to wash my hair in a couple hours, and the buff would just get in the way.

But it was obviously a statement too, right?
Oh, of course. It didn't really occur to me to do that until the second that I did it. That was not planned. It was frustration, it was spontaneous. I don't regret doing it at all. I'm glad I did. I've got enough souvenirs.

You voted for Rob instead of Parvati—does that mean you knew before Tribal Council that you were going to be voted out for sure?
I knew long before Tribal Council. I knew before the Immunity Challenge that if we lost I was going home.

Did they tell you how they were going to vote?
Yes. My friends and allies came up to me and said, "There's nothing we can do about it." Parvati was considered. A lot of people wanted Parvati gone, but she made a deal with Russell on day one, and Russell was not going to let his No. 1 ally leave. Then Boston Rob went with them at the last minute. I don't really blame Russell, because he was doing what was best for him. But I do blame Boston Rob. He's just an idiot.

When did people notice the machete was missing? Was any effort made to search for it? Did anyone suspect foul play?
I think we noticed it was missing after Tribal Council. It was a foregone conclusion that I was going home. They all suspected that I was sabotaging the tribe because I knew I was going home.

So why is Boston Rob considered such a star player?
It depends on who's watching. I watched him play the first time, and he didn't even make the jury. He claims to have been on the "buffoon tribe" three times in a row? I've got news for you, Rob: You were on all three of those tribes. We weren't on 'em. And your wife was on one of 'em. Why Jeff and the show continues to make him out to be a superstar and showing all of us as lazy I don't know, because a lot of people worked. The three young girls were the only ones who the only ones who weren't pulling their weight around camp.

We haven't heard anything at all from Courtney. Why wasn't she considered the first one to go?
Well, as you saw on TV last night, I am weaker than Sandra and Courtney. That must be true. [Ahem.] Courtney is not the threat that Parvati is. Parvati's charm made her a target. Sandra wants to keep Parvati around because she's another million-dollar winner. Russell wants to keep her around because she's his main ally. What killed me last night was Boston Rob. We clashed like oil and vinegar the entire time I was out there. He's a p--sy.

How does Courtney get along with the rest of the tribe?
She's with the three girls that don't do anything. For some reason, Tyson took her under his wing out there. Not for some reason—he's playing the game; he was able to play big sister and cuddle with her. There's a social gap between me and the three girls. She's the first one to volunteer to sit out of a challenge. Outside the game, Courtney is pretty pleasant. I like spending time with her. Inside the game I think I'd rather camp with Crystal again.

Do the others view Rob as the leader of the tribe?
Yes. He's in charge of all challenges, and everybody's looking to him. Around camp there isn't much of a leader, but at challenges Rob is running the show.

Who on the Villains most deserves to win?
The way you vote on the jury is the person you like the most. These first three episodes, I'd like to see Coach or Jerri win. Actually I'd like to see Coach win, because Jerri made a quarter of a million dollars posing nude in Playboy. Coach is probably not going to be in Playgirl, so I want him to win.

Is Coach as honest as he says he is?
Absolutely. He's an honorable guy. His confessional last night brought a tear to my eye. If I was the kind of guy to cry.

I'm going to miss your quotes.
Not quotes—sound bites. I don't quote anybody. Unlike Boston Rob, I think up my own material.


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