Simon Cowell, Idol Trailer


Ryan Seacrest had Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi on his morning KIIS-FM show to talk about American Idol's lackluster dude night.

While the conversation mostly centered around Kara's Casey James crush, it quickly turned to some behind-the-scenes controversy. And no, not the Simon vs. Ellen dramz everyone is just waiting to blow up into something awesome.

The exiting judge has decided to live out his last A.I. season in luxury, and that's making everyone, especially Ryan, pretty jealous.

"Have you seen that two-story thing that's parked outside?" Ryan asked before everyone launched into tragic tales of their studio-issued dressing rooms.

"Simon Cowell has this trailer outside," Ryan went on. "He's got a two-story trailer that used to be Will Smith's."

"It's a building," Randy agreed (and photos confirm that).

Now, this makes Kara sad: "I've got a utility closet," she said. "Mine has wires coming down from the ceiling."

And Randy's sad, too: "I had a flood in mine."

And of course Ryan's sad: "Mine is like that college dorm room you used to have where there's a bathroom between the two dorms," he said. "So if you have to pee everyone can hear. I usually use Randy's."

Ryan can't even get a private bathroom and Simon's living like Will Smith out in the parking lot. Totally not fair!

The only thing to do is take your plight to the Internet, which our E! News host did. You can see photos of Ryan's tiny, pitiful dressing room here and cry for him just a little.


Get caught up on all of American Idol's on-air drama right here.

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