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The paps just caught Reese Witherspoon using her cell phone while driving. Can't we make a citizens arrest?
—Christa, via the Answer B!tch inbox

That'd be good times, no doubt.

Certainly more fun than, say, handcuffing Maria Shriver, who also has been caught celling and driving. (She apologized for it.) Witherspoon and Shriver aren't alone. Other celebrities reportedly caught driving while using cell phones? Hayden Panettiere, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Colin Farrell.

However, when it comes to stars and their deadly driving habits, our options for taking the law into our own hands are pretty slim...

I'll let the Los Angeles Police Department take over from here.

"A citizen's arrest can only be made for a misdemeanor" crime or worse, a department spokesman tells me. Using a cell phone while driving, however, is a mere infraction, not even a misdemeanor. So as badly as you might want to tell Reese to turn around and put her hands on the car, sorry.

Plus, if you see any famous people breaking the cell phone law again, good luck getting them to face Lady Justice.

"If you're on the road, and you have a hands-free set, you could call 911 and report the driver," the LAPD spokesman explains. "If [police] are in the area, hopefully they will apprehend the person, but unless the driver is endangering others on the road, it isn't likely that the report will get much attention. It's like reporting someone for doing a California stop."

If Witherspoon had been nailed by a nearby cop for using a cell phone while driving, she would have been fined $20 for a first offense, $50 if it were the second. Think she can afford it?


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