The Yellow Handkerchief, Kristen Stewart

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For those of you worrying about what is or is not going on with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, (or what pub they are or are not publicly making out in while in London) we're really not all that worried. As we've stated many times before, Robsten defines their relationship as they see fit, not us.

Besides, bitchin' Kristen has yet another admirer in her long line of worshippers. We're hardly surprised. You?

And that latest K.Stew convert is none other than Kristen's equally sexy-and-talented...

Yellow Handkerchief costar Maria Bello! Hmm. Takes a dynamic stunner-actress to know one, huh?

"Oh man, I saw Kristen in Into the Wild and I thought this kid has such depth and integrity and gorgeousness," said the also gorgeous and gifted Maria, when we interviewed her recently. "I'm so thrilled with what's happening to her. She deserves every bit of it."

Kristen and Maria's love story flick comes out in select theaters tomorrow and has been getting pretty good reviews. Are you surprised? We aren't.

But don't judge if K.Stew looks a lot younger than you're used to seeing. The film was made three years ago, pre-Twilight, but is just getting released now. Must be good having your name associated with a million dollar franchise...and sharing the screen with the babe who carries both flicks!

Oh, and for all of those legions of you who will no doubt chime in that this is yet another in Kristen's supposed series of Lifetime-esque movies? Seven words:

Wait and see it, and bite me.


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