Jessica Simpson, Evan Hart


After Jessica Simpson stepped out to Jane's House with hunky up-and-coming actor Evan Hart Friday night, mags and blogs quickly linked the photogenic twosome together.

"Jessica was totally flirting with this good-looking guy...and they were laughing and talking nonstop in the upstairs outdoor area," says Star.

And Radar claims that her chivalrous new man defended her from a tipsy dude who tried dirty dancing with her.

Sounds like Ms. Sexual Napalm is in demand...except for the fact that Evan has a girlfriend who happened to be there as well!

So was she jealous of Jess' supposed flirtations?

No way. It turns out Jessica is actually one of her besties.

"Evan's girlfriend is one of Jessica's best friends and is also her makeup artist," his rep tells E! News. "They were all out together."

So it seems our dear Jess is still on the market, as of now. Who would you like to see her actually date?


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